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16 Jul

Important Note: At one time I was a proponent of the Belly Fat Diet and that is why I have information listed on this website. However, with further research and study, I believe that Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat for Health and Eat to Live Program offers a superior program for weight loss, optimal health and losing stubborn fat.  The Belly Fat Diet includes high percentages of protein and fats, but discourages fruits and includes limited amounts of micronutrient foods.  It also does not have a meal plan for vegetarians or those who want to include more fruites and vegetables in their diet. These recipes may help with reducing belly fat, but may not promote long term health. I just want to encourage you to take a look at the Eat for Health eating program as a better alternative. Please read my article, Why You Should Become a Nutritarian and please watch the video on the right.  


Belly Fat Cure Shopping List:

One of the drawbacks of the Belly Fat Cure is no shopping list for the five menu plans. It can literally take hours creating your grocery list. The shopping list below contain and categorize all the foods you will need for each menu. Please adjust amounts for your family size. Happy shopping! Find discounted  Belly Fat Products at Neitrition and Vitamin Shoppe.  

  Netrition Carries: Zevia Natural Sodas, Nature’s Hollow Sugar Free Preserves and products, Joseph Sugar Free Syrups, Joseph Lite Cookies, and Xylitol 

Belly Fat Cure Carb Lovers Shopping List

Belly Fat Cure Meat Madness Shopping List

Belly Fat Cure Chicken & Seafood Shopping List

Belly Fat Cure Quick and Easy Shopping List

Belly Fat Cure Pasta Lovers Shopping List

Belly Fat Cure Sweet Bites Shopping List


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